Who We Are

FUNADEC was created in 2006 with the purpose to promote the cultural values of Nicaraguans in the United States and to engage in charitable and educational activities in Houston and surrounding areas.

What We Do

In the last 13 years, FUNADEC has intermittently participated in Houston’s public parade of Fiestas Patrias, which is a sponsored event by the City of Houston. This event celebrates the Hispanic heritage and culture between September 14th and 16th of each year.

Picnics—PicNica—which are held in Houston Public parks. Traditional food, drinks, and music are provided by the organization along with piñatas for the exclusive enjoyment of the children. These picnics are designed to bring the Nicaraguan community together to experience and enjoy traditional food and music; this is very important to the first-generation Nicaraguans born in the United States, as it puts them in touch with their cultural roots. People of all nationalities are invited and welcomed to this event as we all partake on the richness of the Nicaraguan culture and food.

Other forms of help that FUNADEC provides since its creation is to help those in need regardless of location and origin in the form of emergency assistance to people in need of shelter or health services.

Because of the current socio political crisis in Nicaragua—which erupted on April 2018—FUNADEC has been providing humanitarian help to Nicaraguans who find themselves in exile in Costa Rica and to Nicaraguans who arrive to the Mexico/US border seeking political asylum.


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FUNADEC Backpack

Contains the basic necessities (i.e., 10-piece toiletry travel bag, shoelaces, a prepaid cell phone with prepaid calling card, etc). These items are provided the moment the person is released from immigration detention centers located in Texas.

According the Migration Policy Institute, in the greater Houston area live an estimatedfirst generation Nicaraguans.


Originated in 2006, they are held in Houston area public parks. PicNica is an opportunity to bring together the Houston/Nicaraguan community in a family-friendly atmosphere. The event consist of traditional Nicaraguan food, drinks, games, music, arts & crafts.

The foundation is committed to bringing the diverse and rich Nicaraguan culture along with its traditions to Harris County.

BaseBall Nica Tournament

Originated in 2019, and its is a yearly event on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. This mega-event fuses Nicaraguans with their national past time in a family-friendly environment. There is nothing more Nicaraguan (sports wise) than baseball. The game was first played in Nicaragua in 1888 in the Mosquito Coast; its official game was played in 1891 between Managua and Granada.

The Houston area consist of 2 Nicaraguan league teams and numerous more sandlot teams. A typical BaseBallNica Tournament day consist of baseball games, traditional Nicaraguan foods, beverages, folklore dancing, music, arts & crafts.

Nica Shoe Drive / First Aid Drive / Bible Drive

Originated in 2019, and takes place throughout the calendar year. The collection of gently used shoes, or 1st Aid Supplies, or Bibles is effected with the objective to donate them to the Nicaraguan community living in exile in Costa Rica.

Since April 18th 2018, there is an estimated 70-90 thousand Nicaraguans seeking refugee status in Costa Rica, and they are in need of the most basic items/articles. FUNADEC has committed to provide assistance in the form of donated shoes, first aid articles or bibles. FUNADEC members coordinate, collect and deliver donated supplies directly to exiled Nicaraguans in coordination with peer non-profits in Costa Rica.

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Do you want to do something that is satisfying?
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We are looking for volunteers to help in our upcoming events; let’s make a difference together.


Your donation will help fund FUNADEC projects.

FUNADEC is a 501(c)(3) organization, please know that any amount you donate is fully tax deductible.

Board of Directors

President: Manuel Prado

Lives and works in Houston, Texas. He is an entrepreneur in the insurance industry. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading history / biographies, the outdoors and competing in physical challenge courses. Manuel seeks to further grow & develop the diverse Nicaragüan community in the greater Houston area while assisting the most vulnerable in his native Nicaragua. His personal motto is “Aim for the moon. If you miss it, you may hit a star” by W. Clement Stone.

[email protected]

Treasurer: Martin Quiñonez

Lives and works in Houston, Texas. He is a professional photographer. He enjoys the outdoors and his bicycle; this combination has afforded him the opportunity to participate in many bike rides sponsored by various foundations where the top goal is fund-raising. His personal motto is “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

[email protected]

Secretary: Nivia Micheli

Lives and works in Houston, Texas. She is a Spare Parts Operations Manager in the oil & gas industry. She enjoys reading, music, and gardening. She self-taught herself to sew and knit and her personal motto is “Be the Change that you wish to see in the World” by Mahatma Gandhi.

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